Influencer Marketing Revolution.

The first Blockchain-based technology platform that utilizes crowdsourcing to revolutionize Influencer Marketing.

Our Mission

A spark is explosive. Its glow is bright. It attracts attention. One spark ignites another, fuelling rapid viral momentum. Sparkit does the same by igniting influencers, fans and brands to connect in a powerful way that maximizes opportunities in the online commercial marketplace. Sparkit also strives for innovation and flexibility in the connectivity it can provide to the rest of the world.

Sparkit aims to disrupt the concept of Influencer Marketing and introduce a paradigm shift in how it changes online buying behaviour particularly for eCommerce. Sparkit puts crowdsourcing at the centre of the Influencer Marketing ecosystem. The technology aggregates existing behaviours in online advertising and social Influencer Marketing into an efficient and rewarding token ecosystem that accelerates the power of influence in driving conversions/sales.

Our Partners

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Investing in Sparkit Media

After raising $1.5 m for its initial product development, the Sparkit Influencer Marketing platform is revenue positive and growing. The plan now is to do a token event that will enable Sparkit to accelerate growth and provide transparent technology that supports new features otherwise not practical.

In addition to the performance-based Influencer Marketing platform, Sparkit provides IP and Blockchain technologies that will accelerate growth for businesses and optimize performance. By combining Sparkit’s unique crowdsourcing technique with cryptocurrency wallets, organizations can create one powerful voice from a crowd providing valuable real-time input.

Sparkit is raising $5 m through a token event round during its launch months. In addition to providing a great means to showcase Sparkit technology in the space, the Company will utilize tokens to assist with cash flow management of both Influencers and company future cash needs. Investors can pre-buy Sparkit tokens up to $5 m in a private issuance. App

Performance-based Influencer Marketing platform that leverages crowdsourcing and real-time voting to drive sales for brands.



Sparkit provides brands with a performance-based data-driven approach to Influencer marketing that delivers significantly higher ROI and real-time optimization.

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Sparkit gives Influencers a new platform from which to generate brand revenue, engage and grow their fanbase and create authentic content that fans want to see and share.

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Fans interact directly with Influencers by co-creating Sparks – highly engaging crowd sourced videos that are genuine, personal and completely interactive.

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SPKT Token

Aligning The Interests of Brands, Influencers and Fans.

Why Offer A Token

Sparkit has invented and implemented a new protocol that operationalizes influencer marketing more effectively than any of its antecedents, efficiently aligning the interests of brands, influencers and fans. Sparkit is now refining this protocol and re-implementing it on the blockchain to bring multi-party transparency, low transaction costs and unprecedented platform-based partner opportunities to the ecosystem.

Solution Via SPKT Token

Sparkit will create a new crypto token: SPKT will be the medium of exchange between Sparkit participants as well as their store of value.

The Sparkit platform operates in conjunction with the blockchain, so that all transactions are immutably recorded and transparency of operation is ensured for all participants. No third party audit is required for any party to be assured of any other party’s correctness. All of the activity implicated by the protocol takes place on the Sparkit platform.


The Offer

Brands approach Sparkit with a promotional offer paid for either with flat currency or, preferably, with SPKT tokens.

The Campaign

Sparkit launches a campaign by sourcing appropriate influencers using its proprietary database and analysis tools.


The Call Spark

Influencers who opt-in to the campaign use the Sparkit platform to launch short videos called Sparks calling upon their fans to engage with them in some meaningful, idiosyncratic fashion. Influencers do so at their own risk: they are not paid for their Sparks, resulting in earned rather than paid reward.


The Vote

Fans respond by voting for a particular outcome.


The Action Spark

The influencer responds in turn to the vote with another Spark, and follows with a call to brand-related action from their fans. These fan actions are measurable, and impressions or revenue can be traced back to the Sparkit platform for brand satisfaction.

Fan Reaction

The Reward

Influencers are rewarded for their results, rather than their effort, which they undertake to build their fan base. The reward is in the form of SPKT tokens, which are convertible to fiat currency at market rates, but which the influencer can retain for their own purposes; a possible use of the SPKT is for the influencer to reward their super fans for their contribution.


Token Integration with

Sparkit disrupts the concept of influencer marketing and introduce a paradigm shift in how it works for e-commerce. The platform aggregates existing behaviours in online advertising and social influencer marketing into an efficient and rewarding token eco-system that accelerates the power of influence in driving conversions / sales.

Token Distribution

  • 15%

    Pre-Event Round

    30,000,000 Tokens

  • 10%


    20,000,000 Tokens

  • 10%

    Strategic Investor

    20,000,000 Tokens


200,000,000 SPKT Tokens

  • 25%

    Company Reserves

    50,000,000 Tokens

  • 20%

    Founding Investors

    40,000,000 Tokens

  • 20%

    Public Investor

    40,000,000 Tokens

Use Of Investment Proceeds

  • 25%

    Technical Development & Network

    For the technical developments of the platform, from the self-automated portal and outreach CRM system to the development of the IP marketplace and expansion to global markets, 25% of the funds will be allocated.

  • 35%

    Sales & Marketing

    Funds of 35% will mainly be allocated to the sales and marketing which will include partnership development and integration, communication to promote the solution visibility, global expansion outreach and building the sales channels for driving adoption.

  • 30%


    30% of the funds will be used for Operations and 10% of the funds will be allocated to operating and other expenses such as legal or administrative.

  • 10%

    OPEX & Other Expenses



Business Development | R&D | Team

  • Initial concept and market research
  • Formation of the core team
  • Formation of advisory board


  • Solidify proprietary influencer network
  • Development of back-end technology infrastructure
  • Partnership with DDB | Tribal Worldwide

Development & Beta Testing

  • Development and design of app
  • IP integration
  • Marketing and PR activation
  • Beta tests
  • Secure launch brand partners

Q1 & Q2: Launch

  • Expand partner prospecting
  • Secure influencer outreach partners
  • Launch of platform

Q3: Token Event

  • Complete Token Event
  • Complete Portal
  • Develop Blockchain and Technology APIs
  • Scale Brand Business

Q4: IP Growth Strategy

  • Expand Brand Partners
  • Expand Blockchain and Technology Team Advisors

International Expansion

  • Expand Blockchain and Technology Partners
  • International Expansion

Who We Are

Clovis Najm

Mr. Najm is responsible for the strategy, team and growth of Sparkit. Having created three companies, and completed one full acquisition to date, Mr. Najm is familiar with developing new technologies that break into new markets. Past commercialization includes tech-heavy organizations such as the United States Navy and Cisco Systems. Ad technology brands have included Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Shaw Media in Canada.

Michelle Kitchen

Ms. Kitchen is responsible for leading the operations, marketing and profitability of Sparkit. Michelle was the key advisor to Sparkit in her previous Executive leadership role at DDB Canada, Sparkit’s strategic marketing partner. Michelle has held Executive and Management roles during her 25 years of experience in driving business growth and innovation for agencies and marketing companies. She has championed and guided global and national brands across an array of sectors and is instrumental in creating a culture of success by bringing operational expertise, business leadership and service excellence to the team.

Adam Eisen

Adam is a financial executive with almost 20 years of experience. As a VP of Finance at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Adam has assisted the organization implement new technologies, analyze potential acquisitions, manage debt facilities, and manage executive compensation. He began his career as an auditor with Arthur Andersen, LLP focusing on venture capital and private equity clients then served as Corporate Controller at Colony Capital, a leading real estate and investment management firm where he oversaw global corporate operations. Adam is a CPA and received his MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Bennett Ruiz

During his 20-year tenure at AT&T, Mr. Bennett was responsible for activities in support of AT&T’s entire portfolio to clients around the world. In this capacity, Bennett and his team worked to build and market competitive products and services to meet the ever-changing and challenging needs of MNCs facing the driving forces of globalization and mobilization of the enterprise. Bennett’s leadership was recognized for having delivered 25%+ average annual growth rates in Strategic Services for the Global Segment (first among AT&T segments) and for having restored profitability to AT&T’s Global Operations.

Lloyd Evetts

Lloyd Evetts is a 20-year veteran of Internet and Technology startups. He has acted in a variety of roles from Software development and Project Management through C-level and Executive positions with several startups. His background has a particular focus on Affiliate and Performance Marketing and Lloyd has worked with many of the largest online Ad Networks including Commission junction, Ads4Dough, clickbank and Clickdealer.

Leanne Pawluk

Leanne is a marketing professional with over 20 years of consulting experience specializing in brand and marketing strategy, content marketing, public relations, and communications. Leanne's eclectic career runs the gamut from orchestrating million-dollar publicity stunts for Silicon Valley tech darlings to writing speeches delivered at The White House to coordinating pro bono PR for Steven Spielberg’s Starlight Foundation. Marquee clients include Adobe, Levi Strauss, The Gap, IBM, American Express, DOJ, Canadian Cancer Foundation, and MIT NY Entrepreneur Forum.


Charmaine Crooks

Charmaine Crooks C.M, is a Member of the Order of Canada, a Five-Time Olympian, Olympic silver medalist and was the Flag Bearer at the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games. She is President of NGU Consultants Inc, a global strategic advisory company, a Director of several profit/non-profit Boards and a keynote speaker, and freelance TV presenter.

Dave Santaniello

As SVP and Head of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Sony Music for almost 20 years, Dave was a pioneer in the content/brand integration space and generated over $50 million in incremental revenue to the bottom line and $250 million in media exposure, working with Fortune 500 brands. Since leaving Sony in 2010, he has continued to work with brands, celebrity talent, content creators and new tech start ups to create incremental revenue streams and new distribution platforms with an eye on sustainability and growth.

Andrew Csinger

Dr. Csinger is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and advises high technology firms including Tanka Technologies and Blockchain Intelligence Group. Andrew actively pursues university technology transfer opportunities and industry-academic research collaborations. He is director of several non-profits including the Blockchain Ecosystem of BC. Dr. Csinger was Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of British Columbia, and Adjunct Professor in the Cognitive Systems Group, where he divided his attention between fostering entrepreneurialism and lecturing on the subject of Digital Trust. Dr. Csinger holds several patents in internet security, biometrics, and related areas. He is a graduate of the INSEAD International Corporate Governance Program (INSEAD IDP-C 2017) and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (1df800).

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